No play fighting in 2020 Olympic activities, Native indian fraternity stunned by move

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No play fighting in 2020 Olympic activities, Native indian fraternity stunned by move

yogeshwar_dutt_4PTI Feb 13, 2013, 05.22AM IST

NEW DELHI: Native indian play fighting fraternity on Wednesday indicated shock and shock at the IOC’s shift to fall the game from the 2020 Olympic program, with London, uk honor champions worrying the choice could stop the increasing information of the game in the nation.

In a rapid growth, the Worldwide Olympic Committee’s Professional Panel in its conference at Lausanne on Wednesday made the decision to eliminate play fighting from the 2020 Olympic activities.

“I don’t see any reason why IOC made the decision to fall play fighting from the 2020 Olympic program. I am still finding it challenging to come to conditions with the information,” Sushil Kumar, who won a gold in London, uk Olympic activities in 66 kg freestyle event, said.

“In my view, the IOC would fight eliminate it from the record given the sport’s huge reputation across the planet. It’s an old game and popular globally,” said Sushil who designed record by becoming the first Native indian to win back-to-back Olympic awards.

Asked if he seems that play fighting can come returning when the IOC ballots on the addition of an activity in its Professional Panel conference later in the year, he said, “Yes, I am assured, play fighting will stay part of the Olympic Games.” Sushil’s child years buddy and London, uk Olympic activities brown medallist, Yogeshwar Dutt said the choice would be a “big setback” for the long run plants of wrestlers.

“I am extremely frustrated to listen to the information. Wrestling has made Indian a power to consider with in the Olympic field and the IOC has decreased a globally popular game from its record. It’s a surprising information to me,” said Dutt.

“What about the long run wrestlers? What about their future? Sushil won awards in China and London, uk and I won it in London, uk too. We are focusing on the 2016 Rio Olympic activities but there are other young wrestlers who are planning for the next version. What about them? They would become incomplete after this rapid choice,” included Dutt.